Quiz India [Single Leg Plan]

By | April 13, 2014

1. Quiz India 500 [Single Leg Plan]

There is no condition of selling our online test series to at least 2 persons to get the commission. You can refer our test series to as many persons as you want, when you refer to more than 4, they will be automatically placed in your next vacant level. So in this way, your team will also get benefit which will motivate them to find more prospects.

An example is shown in the following tables if everybody refers to just 4 persons in one month then how your income is more than 200 crores in one year and then it will be again same every year as those persons will renew their subscription every year.

You can also register free and book your position. But in that case, you will receive the sales commission only after the payment and you have to pay within one month of registration. Otherwise your booked id will be de-activated permanently.

Annual subscription fee for the test series is Rs. 500.

With our direct selling model, you can earn more than 5000 times your present income. The details of the income is given below.


Direct Referral Commission: Rs. 25


Level Commission: Rs. 5 at each level from 2nd to 18th


Single Leg Commission

Single leg commission is given in 7 stages


STAGE 1: Qualified with 2 direct referrals : 20% of the company’s turnover

STAGE 2: Downline of 50 qualified distributors* : 10% of the company’s turnover

STAGE 3: Downline of 100 qualified distributors* : 6% of the company’s turnover

STAGE 4: Downline of 200 qualified distributors* : 5% of the company’s turnover

STAGE 5: Downline of 400 qualified distributors* : 4% of the company’s turnover

STAGE 6: Downline of 700 qualified distributors* : 3% of the company’s turnover

STAGE 7: Downline of 1000 qualified distributors* : 2% of the company’s turnover


* Here qualified distributor is that who has already completed 2 direct referrals.


* There will be four closings daily at 4 a.m., 10 a.m., 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. (Indian Standard Time). For  example, at 10 a.m. turnover of the last 6 hours will be calculated by the system and the given percentage of that turnover will be divided amongst the qualified distributors as per the criteria above. The turnover will only include the joinings in the Quiz India single leg plan and not in any other Quiz India plan.

There is no limit of no. of referrals. Thus the income can also be unlimited just by the level commission. Following examples shows the detail of the level commission if everyone refers just 2 or 3 persons.


 Commission (in Rs)In case of 2 referrals by everyoneCommission(in Rs) that can be earnedIn case of 3 referrals by everyoneCommission(in Rs) that can be earned
Total IncomeTotalRs. 2,621,470TotalRs. 2,905,653,720
Direct Sales25250375
Level 25420945
Level 3584027135
Level 45168081405
Level 55321602431,215
Level 65643207293,645
Level 75128640218710,935
Level 852561,280656132,805
Level 955122,5601968398,415
Level 10510245,12059049295,245
Level 115204810,240177147885,735
Level 125409620,4805314412,657,205
Level 135819240,96015943237,971,615
Level 1451638481,920478296923,914,845
Level 15532768163,8401434890771,744,535
Level 16565536327,68043046721215,233,605
Level 175131072655,360129140163645,700,815
Level 1852621441,310,7203874204891,937,102,445

  • You can make the payment of the tests online as well as through direct transfer to our accounts. Kindly refer the payment options.



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