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By | September 25, 2014

Argent Global Network provides you with all the information or materials and all you have to do is follow a couple simple steps to start earning…

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1. Company write the ads
2. Show you where to post
3. Copy, past and submit the ad for the day
4. It takes less than 5 minutes per day[/left]
5. You get paid a weekly income for doing that

The Best Part About This System is…

YOU CAN BE PASSIVE: Get paid weekly for simply one ad/day which takes about 5 minutes of your time

YOU CAN BE SEMI-ACTIVE: Refer a few people in your spare time and generate a few hundred to a few thousand week or more…

YOU CAN BE PRO-ACTIVE: Build a team with realistic potential to earn up to $100,000/month or more with our life changing 2 x 21 matrix

There are four options available to get started in Argent Global Network: Free , Silver , Gold and Diamond.

Click here to join Argent Global Network now:

Yes you can indeed start FREE! As a free member, the company allows you to post daily ads to earn $150 after 60 days which will automatically be converted to a bonus package that will subsequently earn you $10 a week and $40 a month, for a total $240. You are also expected to pay $10 membership fee so subtracting $60 you will pocket $180 all from zero capital. You simply cant beat this!

If you really want to make good money in Argent Global Network, then you should buy the companies advertising package which also comes with revenue share. The minimum is $150 this will earn you $10 per week and $40 pr month finally $520 pr year. The major difference between the bonus package which you get free and the paid package is that the bonus is only valid for 6 months while the paid package is valid for one year, so you will get paid a weekly income on the paid package for 52weeks of the year, consequently the earning for each paid pack would be $520.

This is just an idea of what you can earn if you enroll in Argent Global Network basic package, however we have other advertisement packages which are as follows: Basic Pays $10 weekly, Basic Plus pays $20 weekly, premium pays $40 weekly, VIP pays $80 weekly, VIP Plus pays $160 Weekly.

Please Look at the below picture for better understanding plus the enrollment fee per package

[b]Click here to join Argent Global Network now:

Post ONE ad per day to qualify for weekly income from Argent Global Network. The ad promotes the retail advertising platform. Takes about 3 minutes per day.
You can also start FREE and earn your way to a $150 bonus package that pays you $10 per week for 52 weeks or up to $520 for the year. Free members post ads daily for 60 days,afterwards they are required to upgrade to at least the $10 silver membership in order to get paid $10 per week or $40 per month from that point on for the next 6 months.

Click here to join Argent Global Network now:

Even FREE Members earn referral commissions on ONE level!
The membership levels are Silver, Gold or Diamond Membership Options $10, $50, $100 per month respectively.
The higher the membership the more advantages.

Packages and potential

Basic turns $150 ad purchase into $520 per year, post just one ad per day.
Basic Plus turns $300 ad purchase into $1040 per year per year, post just one ad per day
Premium turns $600 ad purchase into $2080 per year per year, post just one ad per day
VIP turns $1200 ad purchase into $4160 per year per year, post just one ad per day
VIP Plus turns $2400 ad purchase into $8320 per year per year, post just one ad per day

Click here to join Argent Global Network now:

Argent Global Network Offers Six Income Opportunities Which are:

1. Direct Sales Commissions, 20% for each Membership Pack you refer…

Memberships Packages:

Packages cost $10, $50 or $100 / month
The higher the membership, the more benefits, the privileges and commissions
You will pocket from $2 and up to $20/month per member that you refer for as long as they remain active

2. Forced Matrix Commissions – 2 x 21

You get paid up to $3.50/person per month
You get paid for every position that falls below you NO-MATTER who referred them to the program

3. Sales Of Advertisement Packages

You get up to 10% of the package price as a direct commission from the purchase and repurchases of the people that you refer
Ad Packages start as low as $150

4. Ad Packages Overrides Sales

Each time a member, who was referred by someone that you referred purchases an Ad Package. You get paid up to 5% commission from everyone purchase that they make

5. Retail Advertising Sales

When someone goes to your website and purchases advertising you get paid up to 30% commission from that sale and all the future purchases from that customer

6. Retail Product Sales

Our online shopping platform show cases popular products to consumers at below retail prices so the customer gets a good deal and you get a commission each time

Click here to join Argent Global Network now:

No better time to be a part of this amazing opportunity. You can start free and post ad for the company for 60 days then they will reward you with a bonus package that will earn you $240 in six months through a weekly payment of $10 and and $40 per month.

Now tell me where you can get such free money online. Also because they believe in what they are doing and their business model, that’s why they can let you start out free to test the waters before deciding if its a good investment for you. If you really want to make big money, then buy their premium advertising packages and simply post the daily tasks or ads already pre-written by the company to certain places the company will give you. After you get paid weekly for 52weeks ie 1yr. Just imagine what a weekly $50, $100, $300, $500, $1000 or more can do in your life for 1yr.

Please note to qualify for the weekly earnings you must post the daily ads, if you miss any day then you will forfeit a part of your weekly pay. So you must earn your weekly income by doing about 2 minutes work daily.

Join FREE and start posting 1 ad per day, for 60 days and AGN will award you a Bonus Pack.

The Bonus Pack, pays $10 per week for 26 weeks ( 6 month )

*Please note you will need to be a member in AGN to earn. There are 3 membership levels in AGN
Silver = $10/ month | Gold = $50/month | Diamond = $100/month
Each membership has it’s own benefits.

*** Here is an earning example based on the Silver Membership ONLY & using only the FREE BONUS PACK… ***

$10/week…. $10 x 4(weeks) = $40/month
26 weeks (6 months)… $10 x 26(weeks) = $260

After 6 months, you would have earned $260 by this example… Your cost out pocket was your 1st month membership of $10 as a Silver member

Membership fee… $10/month x 6(month) = $60…
$260 – $60(your 1st month fee) = $200 that is your money…

* Your first month is what is going to cost you out of pocket, $10, after your first month, your Bonus Pack should generate $40… You can use the $10 from the $40 earned from the Bonus Pack to pay for your next monthly fee…

You can now use the money earned from the Bonus pack to buy a basic back of $150, but this time you will be in contract for 52 weeks (1 year) and not 26 weeks (6 month). Giving you the chance to earn even more….
*** This is an example ONLY *** The final income earned will depend on your daily postings & effort…

But if you want to earn bigger and faster income, then buy any of the packages starting at $150. You can buy multiples of that, but each pays $10 per week for 1yr. AGN will also reward you with a free package whether you are starting out as a free or paid member. For the free member, it helps to make money from zero while for a paid member it supercharges your AGN profits.

Click Here to register now:

In AGN after 60 days everyone gets a bonus package worth $150 which will also pay you $10 a week for 6 months, the paid packages last for a year but the bonus lasts only 6 months.

In six months you will earn on the free package alone $240. While your monthly membership as a silver member for a year is $120. This means you can use $120 from the free/bonus package earnings to service your annual silver membership and still have $120 left.

So it means for $300 you will earn $1040 + 120 = $1260
 your 2nd week in AGN being on the basic $300 package you are ready to withdraw
Click here to join Argent Global Network now ,

Lets answer a very pertinent question today, is Argentglobalnetwork a scam after all?

Argentglobalnetwork is a duly registered company in Belize city Belize, below is a pic of their certificate of incorporation in Belize. The CEO of Argentglobalnetwork is Victor Rival. Victor is a well known MLM guy that had been in the industry for a while. You can do a quick search on youtube with his name to see different videos of him promoting other deals he has been into.

Many believe since Victor is well known, that he cant wake up to front a scam overnight. Anyway online scammy companies are never run buy known owners, that way they can take peoples money and disappear into thin air.

Argentglobalnetwork is growing massively all over the world, the current alexa ranking is 3503, which is a massive jump from a previous 5k plus ranking. Today it is the 470th most visited site in Russia, 965 most visited in Brazil, 167 most visited in kazakhstan and 16728 most visited in the US (this is a great number for US). In a few months this entire figures would all have been surpassed as a result of increasing popularity and global acceptance of Argentglobalnetwork. The alexa picture below says it all:

Click here to join Argent Global Network now:

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