Create A WiFi HotSpot With Using m-Hotspot

By | December 25, 2014

Here,I am sharing an instruction with screenshots to create a WiFi hot spot using software.
It will turn your PC into a small home WiFi hotspot.

All the steps are with the basic instruction.

Before Beginning You MUST NEED…
1. m-Hotspot software. Download at here m-Hotspot.
2. Active internet connection on your PC.

STEP 1: Download software from above link and run it on your system [Windows Only].


STEP 2: Run m-Hotspot application with administrator privilege.


STEP 3: Application Screen will look like this.


STEP 4: Input the hotspot name, password and your internet connection.


Also set the number of client for your hotspot.

STEP 5: Click on start button to create a hotspot.


It will take some time and will notify you about the hotspot creattion.

Now, Enjoy your PC internet conection with mobile and tablet also from wifi option.

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All the screenshots are my private property and should not be shared with anyone in any format without prior permission.

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