How to Create an Effective Catalog for Your Business

By | March 17, 2015

Yearning to expand your business? Why not create an effective catalog today and enhance your marketing presence!

Catalogs are the best way to publicize your business and help you look professional throughout your marketing campaign. Also, it is an effective marketing tool used by most of the companies for introducing their new products and prices. Moreover, it also helps in setting a positive impression on the minds of the people sitting around the world. Over the last few years, ways of marketing has completely changed with the advancement in technology, because of which many new podiums in the field of advertising were built. Catalogs are one of those techniques that have left a great impact in the field of advertising.

No doubt creating a catalog is a daunting task to implement, so it’s better to consider some factors that will guide you well to create an effective one for your company.

• Gather the content – it is important that you decide what content you’ll need, for e.g. which images you’ll be using, what products you’ll be putting up on your leaflet, different customer reviews that you’ll be highlighting, and more.

• Do some research – take a look at various catalog designs of different companies and gather as much info you can. Once you’re done with the research part, make use of the best tools to create your handout.

• Create the layout – this includes making a proper format, keeping your text readable & using high quality images, streamlining the information, deciding the right amount of pages, choosing an appropriate size for your catalog, creating an impressive cover, and more. When it comes to choosing a proper layout, there are plenty of options available such as grid layout, column layout, row layout, magazine layout, open layout, etc.

• Decide the colours – it’s important that you decide the colours that are to be used and try to avoid detailed images. Also, use the colours that compliment your business and create a striking impression on your customers.

• Provide necessary information of your products – you must bestow proper reasons why customers should buy your product and provide them with essential benefits associated with it, which will definitely help you have an edge over your competitors sitting worldwide.

• Provide your customers with all the available options for buying your products – it’s important that you offer all the necessary information to your customers, which include toll-free number, email, website, etc.

In order to give a spectacular look to your catalog, it is important that you avoid using templates as it limits creativity and uniqueness.

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By Tushar Deep Singh


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