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By | September 24, 2014


Today I want to introduce you to another interesting opportunity to post my experience so far to do so. It is the company Emotain GmbH and the brand – WhitePins Plus or WhitePins + and the associated images Comparisons-Portal WhitePins. Company Emotain GmbH presents White Pins Plus as follows:

Does not that sound enticing and incredibly easy? Oh yeah! I thought so too, and because I am very curious and because the whole does not cost anything, I registered on this platform.
Let’s see if the market research system is reputable and also works as you can read on this site. After registration and account verification I was able to start with pictures to compare. Registration is quick. In addition, you must still master data 1 + 2 complete and an additional email notification to the support, which includes a copy of the identity card or passport. Master data is nothing more than address, date of birth, learned and practiced profession, mtl. Net income and where you want to have paid the money. These include the normal transfer, but also accept PayPal or Moneybookers eWallet providers. The data is verified within a few days and if you are interested in the company, so you will be unlocked and later paid for the images comparisons as a market researcher. So far makes perfect sense. The verification of the account is important so that the company can make a judgment, who, what rated.So will certainly select other images, as a secretary or a carpenter a doctor. Many manufacturers would like to know what the end user thinks about the products. For this reason, market research institutes like WhitePins + instructed to ask people for their opinion, to thereby obtain possible suggestions for improvement. In the digital age such questioning is often done online. Here, the image comparisons come into play.
“WhitePins + is a platform that presents you the latest products and trends of many well-known companies and compared. Tells you realize how valuable you think? This is so valuable that you can earn in order WhitePins + money. As a trend researcher you can daily click image comparisons and will be rewarded for your opinion. To participate, it does not require any filing or recording fees.Participation is completely free for you. Earn money with image compare – does it work? To easily supplement your income online, you need only an Internet connection and a few minutes every day. Just about every manufacturer operates before a product is released, market research and testing, the expected response from the consumer. For businesses, it is especially important to understand what the customer puts ultimately worth and how a product or service can be improved. Every opinion counts. Regardless of whether housewife, a student or employee. The best part is that with each performed comparison can earn money.As a thank you for your effort and their continued commitment to your expenses will be reimbursed. Without much effort you can earn at WhitePins + comparing pictures money. Work from home and build you step by step on an extra income.Give it a simple non-binding and free from. “

Earn FREE money with image comparisons

To improve your earnings online you only need internet access and a few minutes daily.
Almost every manufacturer does market research before a product release and tests expected resonance of the consumers.
It is important for companies to understand where the costumer places his or her value and how products or services can be improved. Every opinion counts no matter if you are a housewife, student or employee.
The best is: with each image comparison you can earn money.
To thank you for your expense and the confidence placed in engagement we will pay for your expense. Without a lot of expense you can earn money with image comparison
Work from home and build an additional income step by step.
Whitepins+ is a new and innovative online marketing agency. We specialise in generating sustainable and long-term traffic to our partners’ websites.
We develop customised concepts with defined targets for our partners in order to raise the profile of a company or a website, for example. In order to achieve these objectives, we do not use the big players Google, Facebook, etc. as is usual in the market. These companies earn billions with advertising campaigns, whereas the success of the advertisement for many companies is disproportionate to the budget used.
We, however, focus on you and your needs. Our partner programmes are designed such that you are involved in the success of the company through your commitment and dedication. Stability and longevity are the cornerstones of all our concepts.
It is important that you do your daily image comparisons regularly and dependably. Only those who do there work every day, can reach the highest daily provision. One day absent will cost you a lot of miles and the gowth of your account will decelerate.
Always consider your personal factor of quality! Take time for each image comparison and do not decide rashly which image you like best. If you click your comparisons quickly your factor of quality will dwindle and consequently your daily provision!
There is a group called „User-helfen-User“ on Facebook. In this group you get a lot of information and tips about WhitePins+ and you can compare notes with other trendscouts.
Online presentation about different themes of WhitePins+ and trend research will be offered frequently. With those presentations you will receive important information about how to increase your daily provision and a lot of things will be explained to you.
After presentations a round of questions is given so every one can ask questions and you get a suitable answer. Appointments and further information will be published in our Facebook group or via circular email.
With the table you can simulate your mile account. You can recreate with the table your account and with it you can budget your further pay-outs. The effect of the mile packages on your account history is interesting!
Try the table and set your goals (e.g. 500€ pay-outs). You can find the table here in your user account. This will also be explained to you in the presentation!
For the trend research and the related data ascertainment, statistic data like age, family status and occupation etc. is important to create an expressive statistic for the companies.
Please fill in all needed information in your profile, to participate in the trend research. The protection of your personal data is very important to us, those information can be found in our data privacy statement.
images compare


18To join WhitePins, you need a computer incl. An Internet connection or a smart phone or tablet PC with Internet.Participation is only possible from the age of 18 and will be released as a market researcher for all participants, completely free! There are no additional costs, the partner companies are even very grateful for the participation in this program. Each website charging for market research, you should skeptical face. WhitePins is the world’s English-and German-language for all user accessible and can be operated from any country. Another important requirement is the completion of the master data and sending the ID card to verify the account (scammers have no chance). Although the partner companies get the information such as name, address, occupation and income; but the results of trend research they receive in an anonymous form. Per household is allowed only one account, it should be here to share a flat, you have to specify this kind of housing situation in the verification of the account. It also has no obligations in any form, everything is free and voluntary and can be terminated at any time with a simple email to the WhitePins support.


The tasks are similar to My Advertising Pays done within a few minutes. In the beginning, even within a few seconds. CAUTION Only here you should not simply just click the photo and wait for the money, you should already conscientiously do his job and look what you’ve chosen! Finally, those companies pay a lot of money, so you know our honest opinion. People “click” the the whole uninterested and which only the money is important, these companies not help much. The task is very simple, you get every day 2 × 2 pictures visible and should click one of the images for which you most interested. Do you like any of the images displayed, so you can select “both bad” one button. Then you will be redirected to the next comparison. WhitePins + is really a fun and lucrative business opportunity which this works is still very simple. During the first few weeks / months you get daily only two images that are having the time of it per day 3-4 and sometimes more. Accordingly, increases the compensation, so you can also get for comparing the images and the associated honest opinion later more money.


How much money you can earn with WhitePins Plus, depends primarily on how much budget provide the WhitePins partners available to the company and how your quality score comparisons pictures developed. It is very important that the image comparisons are performed conscientiously and honestly. You start with 111 miles and by daily comparing the images you get extra miles to ( video ). On top are the two image comparisons. But you get credited on the WhitePins Plus account 2 € per day. Later, the then per day € 3, then 4 € and more (see calculation examples below). However, the first 90 days you can withdraw a cent. This is only possible from the 91 days and only after an amount of 50 €! A payment of a tax credit under the minimum payout of € 50 is only possible to refund a flat processing fee of € 5. The payout to a PayPal account requires no minimum amount :) WhitePinsPlus is structured so that those who conscientiously do their job, and reward the lazy be punished.
White PinsPlus is not a business where you can earn a lot of money in a short time, but perfectly adequate for a nice extra income. In the month several hundred euros extra money are not uncommon when the Screesnhots other participants look at, which are already a long time here. As in any other online business you should daily do its job and think long term. This can be quite good sums paid obtain (for precise information can be of merit table refer). Who is looking for a second job, is certainly in good hands with WhitePins. Those looking for a residual income and a monthly salary, should My Advertising Pays closer look. Both business opportunities combined together – bring a new partner the maximum money. Also, both options are settled within a few minutes per day :) The images shown in the video, texts are © WhitePins +


Through the sponsorship you can earn this additional miles / money. You get 25 extra miles and your friend / acquaintance also get a bonus of 10 extra miles credited for each friend. With direct the master data fill 1 + 2 obtained 20 additional bonus miles. So it pays to be active and to write some friends and to draw attention to WhitePins.Whether the offer will remain open for registration as a market researcher permanently, I can not answer. Alone is why you should sign up as soon as possible and verify, so you can take advantage of this offer in the long term. You can at registration in the sponsorship field my email address (if you know me), but you get extra extra miles credited. My email address is for WhitePins: I would be very happy. Once you have your account verified, you will receive a small gift from me via email sent to :)


Let’s say, you tell no further friend about it and clicking daily and conscientiously on the photo comparisons. Then the bill would look like this:
* Mileage after 6 months: 619 miles + one day merit of 10 € per day!
* Mileage after 1 year: 2,341 miles + one day merit of 35 € per day!
You tell four friends about it, then the bill would look like this:
* Mileage after 6 months: 1,226 miles + one day merit of 18 € per day!
* Mileage after 1 year: 4,737 miles + one day merit of 70 € per day!
You tell 10 friends about it, then the bill would look like this:
* Mileage after 6 months: 2,039 miles + one day merit of 31 € per day!
* Mileage after 1 year: 7,633 miles + one day merit of 103 € per day!
You have here no people advertise (just like the MAP, you can but if you want to ;)Those who do not want to advertise or have inhibitions here, but still want to earn more money, have the opportunity in WhitePins miles shop to buy products such as mobile phones, televisions & laptop, so as to earn additional miles. This additional miles, your income (such as Lufthansa miles, which can then be exchanged for free tickets, premium or similar) is also rising rapidly forward. Due to the holiday action you can currently buy more mileage packages (optional) – currently 15% cheaper. For example, cost 100 miles – € 85, instead of the usual € 100. The additional mileage purchase one mile package tripled on average already within 90 days! So is up to you even if you buy extra mile to be, or whether you prefer to visit the sites a few friends or none of them do. Everything is optional, and you decide for yourself.
extra miles


One of the reasons why I started this online business is that this is a German WhitePins corporate company (limited liability), which is about 2 years old and who (which has existed for over 18 years) by a limited liability company and the lawyer Adolf Bauer represented (registered trademark). However, one should also look in more detail here and the progress of UG watching (because in the commercial register entries and past the WhitePins company simply too many well-known names appear). But we come first to the facts:
Emotain GmbH has carried out their activities previously under the name FRANKONIA-MASTER FUND no. 1 Beteiligungs GmbH.
Now: Emotain GmbH / Rathausplatz 2 / D – 97337 Dettelbach (Bavaria)
* Emotain GmbH: HRB 5706 / Amtsgericht Wurzburg / registered on 03.07.1996
* WhitePins UG: HRB 11513 / Amtsgericht Wurzburg / registered on 30.04.2012
* Activity Emotain GmbH: Other professional, scientific. & Tech. Activities
* Activity WhitePins UG: Internet programming, Management eig assets.
* Emotain GmbH CIS 6733 / foundations (except cultural, charitable foundations)
* WhitePins CIS 7371/79 / services computer sector, programming services
* DUNS number Emotain GmbH 344,940,713th Main responsible: Adolf Bauer
* DUNS number WhitePins UG 342,549,192th main charge: Stefan Gradl
The basic idea for WhitePins (Registration no. HRB 11513) originally comes from Stefan Gradl (Business Informatics & current Managing Director) and two other computer scientists. He and his brother Ralf Gradl were the first registered user and thus Trend-Setter / Trend researchers WhitePins UG. The former Managing Director and Brand Officer Paul Morgenthaler, the company has sold 2013 to the new CEO Stefan Gradl. According to the information provided by the WhitePins UG (limited liability), Sander Straße 14, 97090 Würzburg WhitePins is a registered trademark of Emotain GmbH / CEO of the company is the lawyer Adolf Bauer. WhitePins + and WhitePins are 2 different websites urls, on the one hand the images comparisons are performed on the second WhitePins + page earns you money every day.




  • Customers always start with a mileage of 111. No payment is possible for the first 90 days.
  • From day 91, you can decide what percentage of your daily commission you want to have paid out or how many miles will be credited to your account.
  • You can have your commission for the day paid out completely once a day (e.g. if you receive €35 in payment on day 210, you can have max. €35 paid out for this day).
  • Whitepins+ is the exclusive partner of and is responsible for the increase in sustainable traffic. For this, whitepins+ receives a monthly marketing budget that is based on current trend research orders.
  • The “payment in %” field determines how much of the daily earnings is paid out to you. The field has a default value of “0”. The amount paid out is always rounded down to a whole number.
  • All miles credited to your account expire after 90 days. Miles acquired from mile packages are excluded from this. These are also deducted from your customer account after 90 days, but you can use them for purchases at the mileshopper premium shop for a year.
  • Payments are posted to your own collective account and you can have money in amounts over €100 paid out to you. For cost and administrative reasons, transfer runs are carried out twice a month (middle and end of each month).
  • The balance of the mileage account, along with other factors such as consistency and honesty, reflects the quality of your customer account. The higher your quality factor, the more image comparisons you can click on.
  • Work conscientiously! If, for example, you constantly just click on the right image to get your work done quicker, this will have a negative effect on your quality factor.
  • You can make purchases in the mileshopper premium shop at any time using the miles from your customer account. Miles cannot be converted back into euros or be redeemed for cash.
  • A maximum of 12,000 miles can be purchased in the form of mile packages per customer account.
  • An account’s mileage is an individual performance and cannot be transferred to another account.
  • The amount of daily earnings depends not only on the number of image comparisons, but also on the number of current market research orders and the relevant marketing budget, the financial capital, as well as the click volume of current trend researchers


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