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By | March 7, 2015

We all tend to be lost in the beginning when it comes to internet advertising. With all of the websites out there and self-proclaimed gurus, which one do we decide to follow? Unfortunately there are some gurus that will teach you everything around the outside but never the meat of the business.

1. Tutorials & How to Guides – You can find these all over the internet. Depending on what type of advertising and optimization you are looking for. I suggest for everyone to look first on YouTube and go from there. YouTube has most of the answers for just about anything you can think of.

2. Keywords – Learn to use Google AdWord Planner, it is free to use and a valuable resource. Do a proper keyword search: buyer intent and customer intent along with negative keywords. Without these you will never sell anything on the internet. So do these searches before you start any organic or paid advertising.

3. Good content – Whether you write your own articles and videos or you pay someone else to do it, your content must be of good quality and be original. If you find content from a blog or an article remember to include a link to the original post. Otherwise learn as much as you can about the subject and write it yourself.

4. Paid advertising – I don’t suggest you start here if you are new to internet marketing unless you do the proper research. PPC, PPV, CPC, CPA and the list goes on. There are subtle differences between them that also have similarities too. Be sure to get training before you spend money. You could lose your shirt if you don’t. You must use the proper keywords to profit from your endeavors. So before anything else learn about proper and negative keywords. The money you save might be your own.

Search engine optimization techniques

There are more techniques to search engine optimization than we can talk about. Google will like any content that is original and quality. Remember there are more than 200 variables to SEO.

1. Back links – Getting indexed, there are thousands of places on the worldwide web to get yourself indexed like directories and free ad sites and the list goes on and on. I suggest you find only the highest page rank sites to register on. Any of these organic back links will help your page rank. E-zine article sites can also be a benefit and I do this as well.

2. Presence – Guest blogging, become an authority in your niche write your articles and offer to guest blog on various sites. As a beginner it will be hard to do sometimes but blogs are starving for content so keep looking. Most blogs should have a signature block to put a link to your site or landing page, this way people can follow you if they are interested in what you have to say.

3. Branding – Social media, set up several sites like twitter, YouTube, Facebook and dig. The list is long but you get the idea. When people get the idea you are everywhere then you are there. This will also create quality back links to your site. Be sure to add to them weekly. The people who follow you are only as interested as you make them. Quit posting and they quit following.

4. Social share – get people talking, share all new content to get people talking. This is also a part of branding. The more you share the more they will talk about you and your content. Every time you put new material up like an article you should also do audio and video to reach as many people as possible. People also put audio up on iTunes to sell it and find viewers.

5. Submissions – Most new internet marketers don’t know it but you can actually go to the search engine and submit your site for free. So go check it out. There are numerous other places to submit your sites and products from article directories to free ads classifieds. Research them all and use the highest page rank sites.

The number of people now getting into internet marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Using this information to get you started can be a big boost to your new career. From guides and tutorials to social sharing and submissions, this list can inspire you to go for the gold. Enjoy.

By Jason Lynd

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