Learning a Programming Language

By | March 6, 2015

Any computer programming language is generally an artificially designed language which represents the computer computations. These are the medium of communication between the computer machine and its users.

Learning a programming language is a complex task and may require a lot of practice and experience to master in it. To learn a computer programming language efficiently, a series of steps may be required. First of all you need to determine the purpose, why you want to learn programming language, and what you intend to do after learning it. The different aspects of this question could be web designing, scripting, software coding, text processing, problem solving, etc.

After you are determined of the purpose, you may select a programming language to learn. C, for a start could be a wise decision as it is the basis of all high level programming languages. ASP technology, Java scripts, etc. could be another option for programming web applications.

You can sources for learning any particular programming languages easily. There are lots of books available for each computer language that you may wish to learn. Also the world wide store house of information, the internet is always available to you. You may go to some institute or may select to pursue a certified course to learn the respective programming language. There are many institutes that offer easy packages for learning a series of computer languages.

Patience is a major thing required when you learn a computer language. You may have to start with the very basics and end up developing small programs after a couple of months of training. So patience is required when you learn a language. You may have to work hard, practice properly and devote a lot of time to learn a language. At times, programming may seem to be frustrating, but you’ll need to understand the concept and try to develop the logic. If you did not get the expected results after many tries, try to give a break and relax for some time. Logics may hit your mind anytime.

After you have learnt a particular programming language, it’s always better to learn another one, the more advanced one. As the technology is advancing day by day, new languages are being developed and released at a faster rate. So there is no stopping back when you intend to become a programmer. There is always something to learn and work on for you. Try learning the more advanced one when you are finished with the basics. This will certify you of more than one language and at the same time will build more logical power and experience in you.

There is a series of lists of language you may come across when deciding to learn a language. Arguments are always prevailing on which language is better than the other. It all depends on the purpose and the problem solving power of the language. It also depends on the programmer on how he is able to implement it. If you plan to work as a programmer, what is new and what is demanded is the most necessary factor to consider when learning languages.

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By Sachin Kumar Garg

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