How To Install Windows XP Step By Step Guide

By | April 12, 2014

Here is a basic guide to install windows xp ( for beginners ) . Before proceeding with the installation, please make sure you have a compatible hardware resource , Windows xp installation CD/DVD and Windows xp Key .


let’s start ..

Put the Windows xp installation CD / DVD into the CD / DVD Drive .


» press F12 or Delete Key( Depends upon your motherboard / Brand ) . Select CD-ROM Drive


» You can change first boot device to CD-ROM in Bios Setup ( Mostly F2 key for Bios setup ).


Installation will start now. ( Follow the Screenshots and steps ).

Step 1 » The Setup starts now ( you will see the screen like the picture 1 )


Step 2 » Inspecting something ( secret.. , Do not press anything until you see the next step screen )


Step 3 » Press Enter for new installation


Step 4 » Press F8 to Agree terms and conditions ( Don’t try to read , it’s huge )


Step 5 » it will show the unpartitioned space of your Hard disk (picture shows the space in MB ie,40GB) . press C to create a partition ( press Enter if you want to use whole hard drive as a single partition ) .


Step 6 » Now you need to decide how much space you need for OS drive (ie, C drive) . For Windows XP 25 GB is enough , just type 25600 (25 GB = 25600 MB) and press Enter .


Step 7 » Now it will show the allocated space for OS drive and remaining space left on the hard disk . just press Enter ( we can create more Drives later ).


Step 8 » Now choose the type of Format . just choose NTFS ( Quick ) first option and press Enter ( Beginners , no questions ).


Step 9 » Setup is formatting the OS drive. ( No need to do anything until step 13 )


Step 10 » Setup will copy some files for installation .


Step 11 » System will get restarted after coping files .


Step 12 » Setup will install something in the background ( hey wait , not exactly in the back. just relax).


Step 13 » Just leave as it is and press Next.

* Here it may ask windows xp product key . just type a valid key and press Next (After validating your key it will goto next step).


Step 14 » Type your name and organization name . press Next .


Step 15 » Type name of your computer and type administrator password or leave as it is and press Next (We can change later) .


Step 16 » Select your Time zone and press Next .


Step 17 » Again it will install something in the background .


Step 18 » Now you need to setup network connection . choose typical and press Next ( no one wants to assign IP , if you need you can choose custom and do it on your own )


Step 19 » Leave as it is ( I don’t want confuse you at this stage ) . please press Enter .


Step 20 » It will install , register and save etc….. ( No need to do anything )


Step 21 » System will get restarted. you will see the screen like Picture 21.


Step 22 » Just press OK . it will automatically adjust your screen resolutions.


Step 23 » Just press OK to adjust monitor settings automatically.


Step 24 » Now you will see a welcome note from windows. press Next .


Step25»choose first option to update your Windows Next .


 Step 26 » In this step it will check for the internet connectivity . press skip (if you don’t want to wait ) or press next after checking .


Step 27 » choose whatever you want( we can change it later ) . press skip or next ( which one is visible).


Step 28 » choose second option and press Next .


Step 29 » just type the user name for login and press Next


Step 30 » At last , you made it . press Finish .






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