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A Few Reasons Why People Change Name

By | April 4, 2015

What are the most famous reasons individuals change their names? Actually, it could be for pretty much any reason or for reasons unknown whatsoever and it’s flawlessly legitimate unless it is for fake or tricky purposes or will bring about the budgetary loss of an outsider or the commission of an unlawful demonstration. With a… Read More »

Law of Attraction and Our Mindset

By | March 7, 2015

When we look at the law of attraction as a focal point for our lives now and into the future we must develop our mindset. The mindset of success is building on success, the ability to adapt to, but never accept failure. At times things will not go as planned. There will be glitches, mistakes,… Read More »

Interview Etiquette

By | February 7, 2015

Be Punctual: Punctuality demonstrates courtesy to the interviewer. It also reflects your professional character. If there is a valid reason for being late, call and let the interviewer know your situation. Arriving five minutes early is about right. Don’t end up rushing and getting in a fluster. If you are held up with no fault… Read More »